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Fatal accident to lead to compensation?

Fatal accident to lead to compensation?
A fatal accident at work may lead to a family pursuing compensation on behalf of their deceased loved one.

Self-employed builder Sarabjit Singh Sanghera passed away in November 2009 when he fell while replacing a roof on a domestic property in Hounslow, Middlesex.

Mr Sanghera had been recruited by landlord Jagdev Singh Bal to carry out this job after his letting agency had notified him that tenants in the home had reported a leak coming from the roof.

The professional then recruited his brother and two labourers to help him with the project, which was almost complete when he fell from the surface to the ground below.

He was taken to hospital but never regained consciousness and died later that day due to the extent of his head and neck injuries.

Loraine Charles, inspector with the Health and Safety Executive, commented: "It is vital that small residential landlords appreciate that they have legal duties in respect of the health and safety of persons who carry out work on their properties."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson