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Fatal accident could to lead to compensation claim

Fatal accident could to lead to compensation claim

Compensation may be sought by the family of a man who passed away during a fatal accident at work.

Stephen Ford died at the age of 50 while working for building contractor Alastair Copland - trading as Do It Al - on a project near Blandford in November 2008.

Mr Ford sustained a major head injury when a piece of falling cob from a barn he and his son Jamie were demolishing under instruction from Mr Copland struck him and he subsequently passed away at the scene.

Jamie Ford was taking down a wall of the structure with a hand tool when a portion of it fell and hit his father.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive established that while neither man was wearing a hard hat at the time of the incident, Mr Copland had no prior experience of such work and had also not planned the project properly.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson