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CEO pursues unfair dismissal damages

CEO pursues unfair dismissal damages

Unfair dismissal compensation is being sought by a dentistry professional through an employment tribunal.

Derek Watson lost his job as chief executive officer (CEO) of the Dental Practitioners' Association (DPA) after allegedly mismanaging the process of transferring some of the organisation's assets, reports.

Earlier this year, Mr Watson was told by the DPA's council to administer this change along with the CODE management team, but the professional advised the body this was unlawful as it needed ratification from a majority of its members.

However, the council responded to this by suspending the CEO for gross misconduct and eventually firing him, before then going ahead with its transferring plans.

Speaking to the online resource, Mr Watson said he had been left "devastated" by the affair as he had worked for the DPA for seven without any problems.

"I am still hoping for and working towards a positive solution for the association and its members," he added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson