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Career-driven females 'should learn from role models'

Career-driven females 'should learn from role models'

Females eager to climb the employment ladder within their area of expertise should seek out a positive role model to learn from.

That is according to Piya Khanna, success coach and founder of Change to Succeed, who believes women should draw inspiration from others when attempting to further their career through promotions.

Ms Khanna said that researching and interacting with professionals who have been successful in their chosen field is a positive step towards progression.

"Shadow them if possible, speak to them and get their advice and insight on how they made it and what you can do to follow them," she added.

Furthermore, the expert urged women to avoid "being deterred by naysayers" and instead "stick to their guns" when it comes to selecting what is right for them.

This comes after Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, director of online resource Female Bread Winners, stated that a lack of suitable role models is one of the main reasons more females are not present in boardrooms.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson