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Asda worker seeking unfair dismissal damages

Asda worker seeking unfair dismissal damages

A man is suing Asda for unfair dismissal. Unfair dismissal compensation is being sought by a supermarket worker who believes he was sacked because his vocal impediment was misinterpreted as aggression.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Adnan Malik is taking legal action against Asda at an employment tribunal in Reading after losing his job in September last year.

Bosses at the retailing giant accused Mr Malik of speaking loudly and gesticulating in an aggressive manner to a co-worker in front of customers while working on the check-out in July 2011.

However, the 30-year-old is countering this claim by insisting he was not being hostile and the whole episode is a misunderstanding as he has struggled with a stutter since he was a child and the company failed to take heed of this when he told them about it.

"I have a stutter which causes me to raise my voice unusually. The point is I was dismissed from Asda because of my voice and that is a problem," he told the tribunal.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson 

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