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Woman awarded unfair dismissal compensation

Woman awarded unfair dismissal compensation

Unfair dismissal compensation has been awarded to a management accountant following an employment tribunal.

According to the Staffordshire Sentinel, Sally Massey took legal action after she was the only member of staff from liquidated electrical firm High & Light to not be offered a job by a new company taking over the organisation's site in Fenton.

Ms Massey told the hearing that every one of her former colleagues had been offered a position after facing redundancy apart from her after High & Light went out of business after 19 years.

Furthermore, the professional stated the company had failed to follow the proper legal procedure when dismissing her, meaning she has missed out on holiday pay and redundancy money.

Consequently, tribunal judge Victoria Dean ruled Ms Massey - who is now seeking a new job - is entitled to compensation totalling £6,835.

This comes after the Staffordshire Newsletter reported security guard Keith Smith had won an unfair dismissal case against Status UK.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson