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London college to sue Sky News for libel

London college to sue Sky News for libel

A leading media group is set to face a legal case from a business college on the grounds of libel, it has emerged.

Sky News is being sued by the London College of Business (LCB) after it published and broadcast a report on March 29th 2012 claiming that one of the group's employees had been involved in a plan to help foreign students buy qualifications to assist their visa application process.

LCB strenuously denies these allegations and has issued a statement saying Dr Javed Akhtar "is not - and never has been - a member of staff" at the organisation, meaning it is incorrect to insinuate the body is in any way privy to an "immigration scam".

And, a spokesman from the LCB has told the Guardian that legal action is forthcoming to make it clear to the "government, UK Border Agency and current and future students that they can have complete trust in the college's integrity".

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Posted by Francesca Witney

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