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Lambeth College employees facing redundancy

Lambeth College employees facing redundancy

Professionals working at a large college in London have been informed they are facing redundancy, it has emerged today (April 10th).

Officials and lecturers at Lambeth College - an institution that enrols 12,000 students annually - have been served with notices indicating they will have to re-apply for their current positions while accepting a six per cent pay cut, Your Local Guardian reports.

This move comes shortly after an Ofsted inspection called on the college to enhance its educational standards sooner rather than later as it currently has one of the worst success rates in the UK.

However, Mary Brown, representative for the University and College Union, has told the news source this report is wide of the mark and many teachers feel aggrieved that many executives at the institution have not been fired.

"The people in the top have kept their jobs ... I would say there is anger and confrontation towards senior management. Massive redundancies are very damaging and very destabilising," she added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas