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Girl set to receive millions after road traffic accident

Girl set to receive millions after road traffic accident

A young girl is set to receive a seven-figure compensation sum after it was ruled her mother's negligence was partly-responsible for her life-changing injuries.

Emma Hughes sustained severe head, spinal and internal injuries during a road traffic accident on the A528 near Wrexham in August 2006, according to the Daily Telegraph.

And, during a hearing at the High Court, Mr Justice Blair decided that her mother Louise Williams was 25 per cent responsible for her injuries as she put her daughter - who was three-years-old at the time of the incident - in a car booster seat for the journey.

Mr Justice Blair stated that Emma was "well outside the indicated age bracket" for this equipment and added that had the child instead been put in a suitable seat, her head and spinal afflictions would "largely have been avoided".

The sum of damages to be awarded to the child will be decided at a later date, but is expected to run into the millions, the news source added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson