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Employment law reforms 'will not be negative for workers'

Employment law reforms 'will not be negative for workers'

Forthcoming changes to Britain's employment law system will not necessarily lead to a significantly higher number of redundancy settlements.

That is according to Tom Hadley, director of policy and professional services at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), who believes companies are not going to alter their approach to internal staff policies.

As of this Friday (April 6th), the qualifying period for employees to claim for compensation on the grounds of unfair dismissal will be doubled from one year to two - a move that has sparked outrage among certain groups.

For instance, Trades Union Congress general secretary Brendan Barber believes this policy change could generate a "hire and fire culture" in the UK.

However, Mr Hadley has dismissed this suggestion because he insists that anything other than the recruitment and retention good members of staff is "costly and a waste of time and effort" for businesses.

"More needs to be done to crank up the UK's jobs machine, addressing red-tape concerns is part of this," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney