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Companies 'should reward whistleblowing'

Companies 'should reward whistleblowing'

Whistleblowing should be rewarded as opposed to vilified in the British legal system.

That is according to professor David Lewis, one of the foremost employment law experts in the country, who believes a change in attitude towards this process is needed sooner rather than later.

During a public debate held at Middlesex University, prof Lewis explained that employees must be put in a position where they feel comfortable in speaking out against bad practices within their workplace.

At present, the specialist insists that a culture exists whereby people who raise the alarm about issues such as fraud and bribery fear being demonised for doing so.

"If companies are prepared to protect, compensate or even reward whistleblowers, then other employees are more likely to confidentially report wrongdoing through the proper systems," he stated.

Prof Lewis went on to say this would benefit the firm involved, as it would help them avoid "embarrassing and financially damaging public disclosures" made on the internet or in the media.

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Posted by Francesca Witney