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Woman receives £4.85m in clinical negligence damages

Woman receives £4.85m in clinical negligence damages

A woman has received £4.85 million in clinical negligence compensation from Derriford Hospital.

The lady - who has chosen to remain anonymous - had a stroke after surgery that caused her to suffer brain damage, the Plymouth Herald reports.

It happened back in 2006 and she has faced a six-year battle to gain the damages.

As a result of the poor care she received at the infirmary - which is part of the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust - the woman has hearing and sight problems and struggles to recognise familiar faces.

Her husband said: "No amount of money will compensate for what has happened, but at least this will allow us to provide the proper care she needs."

He added this claim should have been sorted out in 12 months and ought never to have taken six years.

A spokeswoman for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust said she hoped the settlement would help in "alleviating her problems".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas