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Warwick University worker launches unfair dismissal claim

Warwick University worker launches unfair dismissal claim

An unfair dismissal claim has been launched by a Warwick University professional.

Jeremy Ireland was dismissed from his post after it was alleged he was caught viewing illicit material on his computer, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

However, he has denied downloading any images and said it must have been someone else at the learning institution - which was founded in 1965 and has over 22,000 students - that did so.

Professor Michael Shipman, who was on the original disciplinary committee, said: "Jeremy claimed the computer had been closed down the previous evening and that someone must have used his password to use the computer without his knowledge."

Prof Shipman denied the allegation that Mr Ireland - who made his compensation claim at Birmingham employment tribunal - was dismissed in order to avoid a costly redundancy package, as he pointed out he was suspended on full pay while an investigation took place. 

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Posted by Francesca Witney