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Pensioner seeking clinical negligence damages

Pensioner seeking clinical negligence damages

Clinical negligence compensation is being sought by a pensioner after doctors left a medical swab inside him during an operation.

According to the North Devon Journal, the unnamed 77-year-old underwent a surgical procedure to untwist his bowels at the North Devon District Hospital in December 2010 and felt uncomfortable immediately afterwards.

However, despite the fact he returned to the hospital twice to discuss this issue with his surgeon, it took until a scan in September 2011 to establish that a gauze swab had been mistakenly left in his body.

The elderly man claims this left him with crippling abdominal pains and mental health issues and is consequently taking legal action against the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust - a body with more than 4,000 staff - for its alleged negligence.

He told the news source: "I knew all that time something was wrong with my tummy, but you rely on the surgeons and you trust them."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas