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Man seeks clinical negligence damages for son

Man seeks clinical negligence damages for son

A father is seeking unlimited clinical negligence compensation from the NHS after his son suffered brain damage.

The seven-year-old boy - referred to as AJY in court documents - will need constant care because of his condition, Cambridge News reports.

His blood sugar levels were allowed to drop to dangerously low levels shortly after he was born as he did not feed properly for his first two days.

As a result he developed hypoglycaemia and is unlikely to ever be able to speak or be independently mobile.

The child's dad is now looking for more than £300,000 from Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - one of five academic health science centres in the UK - which was responsible for the kid's care when the problem occurred.

A High Court claim says the trust has already admitted liability for the injuries sustained by the youngster, but the two sides are believed to be struggling to settle on an appropriate amount of compensation.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas