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Girl granted £1 million clinical negligence damages

Girl granted £1 million clinical negligence damages

Clinical negligence compensation worth in excess of £1 million has been awarded to a young girl left brain damaged due to errors made during her birth.

The unnamed six-year-old was mistakenly deprived of oxygen while being delivered at Northampton General Hospital in March 2006 and is subsequently severely disabled.

During the process of her birth, her mother's Caesarean section was delayed for more than four hours at the institution, meaning she now suffers with autism and epilepsy and will need 24-hour care for the rest of her life.

Indeed, her legal representatives told the High Court she was "effectively stillborn" due to the delay, leading to her brain being permanently damaged.

The Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust subsequently admitted liability for the girl's health problems and issued her an "unreserved apology".

As a result, she will now receive tax-free instalments of £155,000 annually for the next 15 years, before these payments are then increased to £282,000 when she reaches 21.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson