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Gender pay gap still exists, figures show

Gender pay gap still exists, figures show

Males working in full-time positions in the UK earn significantly more per hour than their female colleagues, new research has established.

According to new data published yesterday (March 27th) by the Office for National Statistics, men in permanent jobs are still paid an average of 11.6 per cent per hour more than women in the equivalent post.

Furthermore, the overall gender pay gap encompassing all roles and types of work stands at 20.2 per cent.

However, the long-established trend of males being paid more than females has now actually reversed when it comes to part-time work, as women now benefit from an hourly wage an average of 4.8 per cent above men.

Robin Chater, secretary-general of the Federation of European Employers, said this figure shows that the headline statistics on the gender pay discrepancy are "highly misleading".

"Where women compete on equal terms with men - in the part-time jobs market - they actually earn more than men," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney