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Female cyclist gets £1m in damages

Female cyclist gets £1m in damages

A female cyclist has received compensation in excess of £1 million after being involved in a road traffic accident.

Christine Glennon - who was represented by Russell Jones & Walker - will need round the clock care after she was left paralysed from a crash with an 89-year-old motorist.

An out-of-court settlement was reached after the driver was found to have defective eyesight as she could only read her licence plate from 4.87 m away - the legal requirement is 20 m.

"My life changed dramatically after the collision and I strongly feel eye tests should be implemented for older drivers. If [they] were compulsory perhaps horrible accidents like this could be avoided," Ms Glennon observed.

She plans to use some of the money she has received to move to a home better suited to her needs.

Ms Glennon said she was pleased that the process was dealt with in just two years thanks to her being a member of the national cyclists' organisation CTC.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson