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Fatal accident to lead to damages claim?

Fatal accident to lead to damages claim?
Personal injury compensation could be sought by the family of a maintenance engineer who died in a fatal accident at work.

Ian Ebbs passed away at the age of 43 during an incident at premises owned by Wyndeham - a printing group established in 1991 - in Peterborough in October 2008 when he was crushed in a press.

Mr Ebbs, who was working the night shift at the time of the accident, got trapped in the equipment when he attempted to fix an automated process for preparing the machinery for a new printing run which had stalled.

The professional climbed inside the equipment in an attempt to swap two locking pins over and this led to its paddle wheel falling onto him, trapping him inside the machine.

Alison Ashworth of the Health and Safety Executive said that this incident could have been avoided had the company put effective safety measures in place.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas