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Woman awarded damages for bullying and harassment

Woman awarded damages for bullying and harassment

Bullying and sexual harassment endured by a female professional from her boss has resulted in an employment tribunal awarding her compensation.

The 22-year-old woman told the case that manager Matthew Flynn told her she was only allowed to wear tight-fitting jeans to work shortly after beginning her job at online business Market4Home, according to the Daily Mail.

The unnamed employee went on to state that she was a victim of harassment and discrimination on a daily basis as Mr Flynn openly and regularly spoke about her body.

"During my ten months working there, almost every day I would hear from Matthew inappropriate sexually-natured harassment comments about my body and things he would like to do to me," she explained.

She went on to indicate that her boss would follow her to the gym to watch her working out on bicycles and then pass comment on her body the following day.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas