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Expert: Age discrimination still common in UK

Expert: Age discrimination still common in UK

Age discrimination remains a pertinent issue in many places of employment across the UK.

That is according to Ceri Wheeldon, founder of online resource Fab After Fifty, who has indicated that many older professionals believe they are subjected to unfair treatment purely on the basis of their age.

Should managers not offer their more experienced members of staff the same level of commitment as their younger counterparts, they may find themselves in a position where they have to deal with a grievance complaint.

And Ms Wheeldon's comments suggest that such issues remain commonplace throughout all sectors, meaning action is needed sooner rather than later.

"People over 50 still feel they are being discriminated against in the workplace and that needs to be addressed," she noted.

The expert went on to say it is important to change the perception of such professionals from people who are seen to be at the end of their working lives to individuals that are "still very much mid career".

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Posted by Chris Stevenson