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Ex-traffic warden wins unfair dismissal case

Ex-traffic warden wins unfair dismissal case

Compensation has been awarded to a former traffic warden who took his employer to a tribunal on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

Hakim Berkani has won his case against parking enforcement firm NSL - which has more than 5,000 staff members nationwide - after claiming he was sacked on the basis that he raised concerns about a ticket quota system being used by the company.

Kensington and Chelsea Council outsources its traffic operations to NSL and Mr Berkani made public the fact the organisation encourages its wardens to distribute a minimum of ten penalties every shift.

The professional refused to follow this rule and would instead warn drivers infringing on the regulations before fining them and was subsequently fired.

However, Judge Jeremy Burns has now agreed that he lost his job unjustly and indicated that officials at NSL perceived Mr Berkani as a "troublemaker" because he "refused to comply with the clandestine quota system".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas