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Woman seeking clinical negligence damages

Woman seeking clinical negligence damages

Clinical negligence compensation of more than £300,000 is being sought by a woman who claims medical errors have left her wheelchair-bound.

According to the Plymouth Herald, Mary Dacey is taking legal action against the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust after she was left with no feeling below the waist because of mistakes made while she underwent surgery in April 2009.

Ms Dacey was admitted to Derriford Hospital - which has more than 900 beds - in order to undergo treatment for bleeding on the brain, but her writ issued to the High Court in London states doctors failed to carry out a proper lumbar puncture.

It was later found that the 59-year-old had an extensive haematoma which, despite surgery and months of subsequent spinal rehabilitation, could not be prevented from causing her to lose the feeling in her legs.

The document indicated that Ms Dacey also now suffers with cognitive and speech problems.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas