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NHS receives extra £185m for negligence claims

NHS receives extra £185m for negligence claims

An additional £185 million has been injected into the budget to pay for clinical negligence compensation claims made against the NHS, the government has revealed.

Over recent years, the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA)- which is currently chaired by Professor Dame Joan Higgins - has faced an increased volume of legal action following alleged mistakes by medical professionals.

Indeed, figures obtained by The Times have shown that awards faced by the body should they lose all such cases rose to £16.85 billion in March 2011 in comparison to £5.31 billion ten years earlier.

Consequently, health secretary Andrew Lansley - who is also MP for South Cambridgeshire - has announced that a further £185 million will be made available to the NHSLA to deal with cases before April 2012.

Health minister Lord Howe commented: "We want to strike the right balance between access to compensation claims and ensuring that costs are proportionate, sustainable and affordable."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas