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MoD grants £75m in civil redundancy settlements

MoD grants £75m in civil redundancy settlements

A government department has granted redundancy payments of £75 million to members of staff who have lost their jobs over the last three months, new figures have shown.

According to data released by the administration today (January 23rd), some 2,500 professionals have been made redundant at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) - which is led by the secretary of state for defence Philip Hammond - in the recent past.

These job cuts have primarily involved civil servants working in the MoD and the £75 million total equates to a sum of £30,000 for each individual leaving as part of the department's attempts to reduce its outgoings.

Jim Murphy, shadow defence secretary, has spoken out in criticism of these settlements as they show that prime minister David Cameron is "not getting his priorities right" when it comes to spending reductions.

"People worried about the impact of the cuts on families and the front line will be angry at this news," he noted.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson