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Family to pursue damages after fatal accident?

Family to pursue damages after fatal accident?
A fatal accident at work could lead to a family pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation on behalf of a loved one.

Adam Millichip passed away in November 2007 during an incident while he delivered pallets of sheet steel to a factory owned by the Wessex Lift Company - a firm established more than 30 years ago - in Hampshire for a Worcester-based haulage firm.

The 27-year-old was fatally injured when a forklift truck driver at the plant accidentally struck him with a package weighing around one tonne, which trapped the professional against his vehicle.

Mr Millichip was subsequently crushed and died due to major organ failure and an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that inadequate controls were in place to prevent moving vehicles coming into contact with pedestrians.

Susan Millichip, Adam's mother, observed: "I can only describe losing Adam as like the devastation of an atom bomb - it has shattered so many lives."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas