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Ex-soldier seeking £400k compensation

Ex-soldier seeking £400k compensation
A six-figure sum of personal injury compensation is being sought by an ex-soldier left blinded in one eye after he was shot with a paintball gun.

Allan Weir is taking legal action against former employer APE Paintball - a firm that now has a worldwide presence after being founded more than 20 years ago - on the grounds that a colleague fired one of the weapons at him from a distance of less than six feet.

The 28-year-old was in a safe zone at the site when his co-worker - who did not realise the gun was loaded - pulled the trigger in his direction, meaning he was not wearing goggles or protective equipment at the time.

Mr Weir, who had only started his job as a marshal for APE one day before, has told the Court of Session in Edinburgh he can now only make out vague shapes with the affected eye and cannot work or drive.

Therefore, he is seeking compensation of £400,000 for his ordeal.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson