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Woman takes unfair dismissal action

Woman takes unfair dismissal action

Compensation is being sought by a woman on the grounds of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination after she was relieved of her duties at her place of work.

Clare Ellen Hudson is taking legal action against the Al's Kitchen sandwich shop in Workington as she believes she was sacked after a single day simply because her boss heard her saying she was trying for a baby, the News & Star reports.

The 20-year-old has told an employment tribunal in Carlisle that manager Alison Graham phoned her the next day to tell her she was no longer required as the firm could not afford to pay for maternity leave.

Ms Hudson told the news source: "I felt devastated that I was dismissed because I was trying to have a baby. I felt that I had to take further action."

This comes after the government recently announced changes to the employment law system that have been designed to improve conditions for both workers and companies.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas