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Employees 'embracing flexible working'

Employees 'embracing flexible working'

Managers may be well-advised to implement flexible working practices in the near future as employees are embracing this modern way of operating more than ever.

That is according to Dr Clare Kelliher, senior lecturer in strategic human resource management at the Cranfield School of Management, who believes that many professionals enjoy the chance to avoid the traditional nine-to-five shift pattern.

Dr Kelliher explained that a lot of people are "grateful to have the opportunity to be able to intersperse work and non-work activity" in the 21st-century business environment.

The expert went on to indicate flexibility means professionals are able to juggle their job commitments with their private lives, while the majority of staff members enjoy having "some element of choice as to when they carry out work".

Recently, a study by Vodafone established that a growing number of managers are adopting flexible policies as they see this as the best way to increase their company's productivity.

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Posted by Francesca Witney