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Whistleblowing consultant seeking damages

Whistleblowing consultant seeking damages

A whistleblowing consultant is pursuing a claim for compensation after his employer suspended him.

According to the News Shopper, Dr Ramon Niekrash is seeking damages from the South London Healthcare NHS Trust - a body that employs more than 6,000 people - after being left with a £180,000 legal costs bill following a successful tribunal process.

Dr Niekrash, who used to work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, won his case against the organisation last year after he claimed he was right to send out letters to managers complaining that patient care was suffering at the institution due to staff cuts and ward closures.

This resulted in him being suspended for eight weeks in 2008.

However, he is now being forced to represent himself in further proceedings due to the fact he can no longer afford a lawyer.

Therefore, he believes he is entitled to compensation to pay for these bills he incurred while clearing his name.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas