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Research: More bosses embracing flexible working

Research: More bosses embracing flexible working

A growing number of managers in the UK's employment sector are now embracing the benefits of flexible working, new research has indicated.

According to a study conducted by Vodafone - which involved questioning 1,000 bosses across the country - more senior officials within companies believe this professional practice is the best way to enhance the productivity of their staff following the recession.

The survey revealed that the growth in the popularity of operating from home has made the line between work and personal lives more blurred for many managers.

Peter Kelly of Vodafone UK said this is a clear indication that the traditional nine-to-five day in the office is becoming a thing of the past.

"A new generation of workers is coming through the ranks. They prefer fitting work around their lives rather than the other way around," he added.

This comes after Tim Watts of Pertemps recently stated that the Agency Workers Regulations are likely to make flexible working more popular.

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Posted by Francesca Witney