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Libel damages awarded to the Blair's ex-lifestyle coach

Libel damages awarded to the Blair's ex-lifestyle coach

Compensation on the grounds of libel has been awarded to the former lifestyle consultant of Tony and Cherie Blair following a case at London's High Court.

The Daily Mail has been ordered to grant "substantial" damages to Carole Caplin after the professional took legal action against the newspaper due to it publishing an article with the headline 'Carole's £1m question: Will she tell all about the Blairs' sex secrets?'.

Within this piece, it was reported that Ms Caplin was considering the possibility of revealing secrets about the private life of the former prime minister - who was elected to office in 1997 - and his wife.

However, she insisted this was untrue, meaning that even though she had previously ignored reports on her, she felt she had no choice but to sue on this occasion.

"That I would break the trust that clients have the right to expect from me, for financial reward, is offensive, damaging and wrong," she added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney

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