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Unfair dismissal time limit to be changed, chancellor indicates

Unfair dismissal time limit to be changed, chancellor indicates

Changes to Britain's employment law system with regard to unfair dismissal are set to be made sooner rather than later, it has emerged.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, chancellor George Osborne has indicated that, under new rules, individuals will only be able to take legal action against former employers after they leave if they have been with a company for a minimum of two years.

This represents a doubling of the current limit of one year and the news source noted Mr Osborne - who is also MP for the constituency of Tatton - is determined to push through these alterations as part of his commitment to improve conditions for businesses.

The official believes such reforms will reduce the amount of restrictive red tape faced by firms following the recession, while also encouraging them to hire more staff and grow.

However, the GMB trade union has criticised this measure on the basis it will "reduce the employment rights of ordinary workers".

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Posted by Francesca Witney