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Six-year-old boy awarded £900k compensation

Six-year-old boy awarded £900k compensation

Clinical negligence compensation worth £900,000 has been awarded to a young boy who had to undergo a leg amputation after a blood clot was not spotted quickly enough.

According to the BBC, six-year-old Leo Ison had surgery to remove his left leg below the knee just three weeks after his birth and his parents immediately took legal action against the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

Ian and Fiona Ison believed medical professionals at the institution to be liable for their son's ordeal on the basis they did not diagnose the clot in his foot rapidly enough.

They claimed Leo would have only had to have his toes amputated if doctors had done their job properly and it has now been ruled that the University Hospitals NHS Trust should grant the boy £900,000 in damages for its negligence.

Recently, a six-figure compensation sum was awarded to Michael Tidd from Frimley Park Hospital after it was decided blunders by staff there directly led to the death of his wife Alexandra in 2006.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas