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Govt announces NHS whistleblowing guidance changes

Govt announces NHS whistleblowing guidance changes

Reforms have been made to the constitution of the NHS to ensure whistleblowing by members of staff will be protected in the future.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has unveiled changes to the guidelines that doctors, nurses and other workers for the body are contractually-obliged to adhere to when it comes to raising concerns about malpractice.

Under the new rules - which will come into effect early next year - staff will be expected to speak up about their worries over poor standards or mistreatment of patients "at the earliest opportunity".

These fresh principles have been designed to make sure there is no repeat of the Care Quality Commission's poor review of practices in 100 NHS hospitals across the country published last week.

Mr Lansley, who is also MP for South Cambridgeshire, observed such alterations will make it clear to NHS professionals that the government "stands full square behind them" when they raise awareness of unacceptable standards.

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Posted by Francesca Witney