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Carlos Tevez has breach of contract fine reduced

Carlos Tevez has breach of contract fine reduced

Footballer Carlos Tevez has had a fine issued to him by Manchester City on the grounds of apparent breach of contract halved.

The Argentine international is locked in a dispute with his employer after the club alleged that he refused to come on as a substitute during their Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich last month.

Tevez denies this claim and an internal investigation by City established he had in fact decided not to warm up and attempted to fine him four weeks' wages - thought to be between £800,000 and £1 million - for his misconduct.

However, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) has intervened and refused to sanction this penalty, stating that the maximum he can be fined is two weeks' pay.

In a statement, the body noted: "The PFA considers that there is no justification for a fine other than up to the prescribed sanction of two weeks' wages agreed by the FA, the Premier League and PFA."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson