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Woman awarded £290,000 compensation for sexual harassment

Woman awarded £290,000 compensation for sexual harassment

Compensation totalling £290,000 has been awarded to a woman on the grounds of sexual harassment at an employment tribunal in Leeds.

According to the Daily Mail, Petrina Taylor has been awarded this substantial sum in damages from her former employers British Telecom (BT) due to the unacceptable conduct of her boss Craig Alcock.

The 36-year-old finally quit her job as a customer services representative at the organisation - which operates in more than 170 countries across the globe - in August 2009 after a prolonged period of bullying from her manager.

Ms Taylor told a tribunal in Leeds that BT's response to her complaints about Mr Alcock was "woeful", meaning she felt she had no choice but to resign.

It emerged that the man had also been openly racist and homophobic in the workplace.

Ms Taylor's compensation fee included £20,000 for personal injury, £18,000 for hurt feelings and £3,000 for aggravated damages, as well as £165,692 for loss of future earnings.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas