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Professional advice 'essential when creating a will'

Professional advice 'essential when creating a will'

Consulting a professional is absolutely crucial for individuals considering writing their will, an expert in the industry has said.

According to Toby Harris, a tutor at the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), believes that gaining the advice of a specialist in the field is essential for anyone looking to draw up their last testament.

Mr Harris - who also works for Toby Harris Tax Consultants - noted that the probate process is often made a lot simpler when the expertise of a professional is gained because they can provide invaluable insight.

He explained that one of the most important aspects of creating such a document is to ask yourself "am I still fit to make a will?", meaning people should be in good health due to the vital nature of a last testament.

This comes after the STEP official stated families will benefit from a simplified probate procedure when a loved one passes away if they have drawn up a will beforehand.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson

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