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Managers 'should deal with grievances quickly'

Managers 'should deal with grievances quickly'

It is vital for companies to acknowledge and deal with any employment grievances among members of staff as quickly as possible.

That is according to Helen Wright, marketing and communications manager at the Great Place to Work® Institute, who believes being proactive to resolve such problems will help foster a top-down approach to a more productive and content workforce.

Research published recently (September 20th) by Samsung revealed that colleague behaviour is one of the biggest issues for many people in their professional environment, with things such as co-workers talking on the phone too loudly being major distractions.

And, with this in mind, Ms Wright explained that being decisive in dealing with such issues is crucial for managers, as this then engenders a sense of trust among teams.

The expert went on to say this leads to people feeling "more supported, motivated and committed", which then has a "positive impact" on both individuals and an organisation as a whole.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson