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Managers 'may have to adapt to implement flexible working'

Managers 'may have to adapt to implement flexible working'

Managers may have to be willing to alter their management style if flexible working is to be a success within their organisation.

That is the opinion of Bar Huberman, employment law editor at XpertHR, who believes bosses could have to be open-minded about the way in which they go about implementing such professional practices.

Ms Huberman explained that the relationship between people in senior positions and their workers is "really key" when it comes to flexible arrangements being worthwhile in their firm.

"Some managers require a change in management style from micro-management to really trusting and having confidence in their employees," she added.

Research published earlier this month (September 1st) by Mom Corps revealed that 42 per cent of working adults would be willing to give up a percentage of their salary if this enabled them to operate more flexibly.

And the XpertHR official added that being rigid in their approach is not a helpful trait for bosses to have in the modern-day environment.

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Posted by Francesca Witney