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'Inclusion and transparency' crucial to avoiding grievances

'Inclusion and transparency' crucial to avoiding grievances

Managers must nurture a positive professional environment if they want to avoid potential grievances brought up by unsatisfied staff in the wake of the global economic downturn.

That is according to Ashley Ward - director of European Leaders, a body that helps companies enhance their performance through people development - who believes there are several simple steps bosses can take to keep their employees happy.

Mr Ward explained that having a content workforce is "incredibly important" for senior officials wishing to grow and expand at these awkward financial times.

He added that this is not about traditional motivational methods used by some managers such as "having cans of coke in the fridge and free pizzas", but is instead focused on "inclusion and transparency".

Furthermore, the creation of an atmosphere where "people know what their individual success looks like" is also vital, Mr Ward insisted.

These comments come after Kevin Green of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation noted recently that a growing demand for flexible working is changing the UK's professional sector.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas