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Govt unveils apprenticeship employment law proposals

Govt unveils apprenticeship employment law proposals

Firms across the UK are set to benefit from a new range of simplifications in the employment sector proposed by the government.

John Hayes, skills minister and MP for South Holland and The Deepings, has unveiled a range of new measures that have been designed to make the process of integrating apprentices into a company easier for managers.

For instance, under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's plans, the certification and contracting arrangements involved in taking on such workers will be streamlined.

In addition, organisations will face less restrictive paperwork as electronic data will be used more often.

These proposals have been drawn up following the publication of a report by the Employer Reference Group, the Confederation of British Industry and several big firms.

Mr Hayes pledged: "Where red tape and bureaucracy deters employers from taking on apprentices, we'll sweep it away."

The official went on to assure companies they will be given better access to the "skills they need to thrive".

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Posted by Francesca Witney