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Govt publishes guidance on wages for interns

Govt publishes guidance on wages for interns

Businesses will be able to avoid pay discrimination claims if they comply with new employment law guidance issued by the government.

A document published by DirectGov and Business Link has offered advice to managers on how they can deal with the issue of whether or not they need to offer wages to interns and people on placements or work experience with their organisation.

Under these rules - which have been produced in an attempt to clarify any confusion for firms - it is stated that any individual who can be classified as a "worker" should receive at least the minimum wage throughout their time with a company.

Edward Davey, employment relations minister and MP for Kingston and Surbiton, commented: "Fairness is absolutely paramount with all placements. When a worker is entitled to the minimum wage, they should be paid it and we will continue to enforce the law."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas