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Sex discrimination 'still a problem in senior roles'

Sex discrimination 'still a problem in senior roles'

Sex discrimination is only a problem in the workplace for females determined to climb the employment ladder into senior management positions.

That is the opinion of Shilpa Wymer, managing director at Holborn Training, who has noted that, in general, discrimination on the grounds of gender is not an issue for women who are satisfied with remaining in the lower level roles offered by a company.

"A lot of women within that middle sector don't face those challenges because they are happy with what they have got," she explained.

However, Ms Wymer went on to state that this often changes when females decide they "want to achieve the highest position" they can.

Last week (July 27th), Friends Life published a report that revealed 55 per cent of all women feel that pay discrimination will still be a prevalent issue in the UK in 2020, while 53 per cent think females will remain in a struggle to be appointed into senior roles at this time.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson