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Road traffic accident leads to compensation claim

Road traffic accident leads to compensation claim

A cyclist who sustained a serious head injury during a road traffic accident is seeking compensation for his ordeal.

According to the Yorkshire Post, Peter Vaughan suffered fractures to his skull and right leg, as well as damage to his kidney and eye after being knocked off his vehicle in Dublin last October.

The 63-year-old Sheffield resident - who can still only walk by using crutches - told the news source he is now in possession of a letter from the driver admitting liability for the incident, meaning he is now beginning legal proceedings against her.

Mr Vaughan required urgent medical attention in Ireland immediately following the collision and has undergone four surgical procedures on his right leg since returning to the UK.

“My life has changed completely since the accident and nothing can turn the clock back," he commented.

This comes after the Bearsden Herald reported that Simon Reynolds is pursuing damages due to a cycling accident on a work bonding session left him with a serious head injury.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson