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Quotas 'not the answer to solve sex discrimination'

Quotas 'not the answer to solve sex discrimination'

Alternative action other than compulsory quotas should be implemented in order to combat sex discrimination in senior management roles across the UK.

That is the opinion of Carmen Watson, managing director of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership, who believes that the first set of targets listed in Lord Davies's report on boardroom equality - which are due later this month (August 24th) - are not on course to be met.

In this document, Lord Davies insisted that all companies should be striving to appoint greater numbers of women to top jobs, but Ms Watson insisted that imposing obligatory targets is not the best way to go about achieving this goal.

The expert noted a better method would be for females to rise to the peak of their company "on merit".

"They should be credible, they should have the skills and experience to do the role and they should be quite firm in their conviction that that is where they want to be," she added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas