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Pay discrimination 'will always be an issue'

Pay discrimination 'will always be an issue'

Sex discrimination on the grounds of wages is an issue that will never go away completely in the UK.

That is the assertion of Shilpa Wymer, managing director at Holborn Training, who has stated that even though the gender pay gap has reduced in size and continues to close in Britain, it is highly unlikely that women will ever achieve full parity with their male counterparts in this regard.

Ms Wymer explained there will always be a difference in the salaries awarded to males and females, primarily because of the "child issue".

The expert went on to note that females often have to make a decision over whether they want to be the predominant figure in their child's life as they grow up or hire a nanny so they can work longer hours.

"[Women] have to take a step back and I think that's where the salary difference occurs. They can't possibly put in the hours that maybe their male counterparts can," she added.

This comes after research by NatWest revealed 58 per cent of females think cultural rules like childcare apply to them more than men.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas