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NHS employment tribunal ruling upheld

NHS employment tribunal ruling upheld

An employment tribunal decision of unfair dismissal in the favour of an ex-NHS trust chief executive has been upheld, it has emerged.

John Watkinson was sacked from his role with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust in 2009 amid allegations from the organisation that he had been found to be performing poorly in a review of standards and was preparing to act as a whistleblower.

However, the professional disputed this and insisted his firing was based only on the fact he had made a "protected disclosure" in terms of taking legal advice one year earlier over whether the trust needed to take legal advice on its plans to change cancer treatment services.

Consequently, Mr Watkinson took the institution to a tribunal and was eventually awarded £1.2 million in compensation.

This was recently disputed by the NHS trust - which provides services to around 450,000 people - but the Employment Appeal Tribunal has rejected this appeal.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas