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Flexible working 'seen as vital by modern-day professionals'

Flexible working 'seen as vital by modern-day professionals'

An increasing number of professionals in the UK are treating the availability of flexible working as a crucial factor in whether or not they are attracted to a job, an expert has said.

According to Zain Wadee, managing director of recruitment process outsourcing firm hyphen, such practices are now widely seen as vital by individuals searching for new positions.

In the aftermath of the global economic downturn, the option to operate on a more flexible basis has become ever-more popular among people working in a wide variety of sectors.

Recently, the Workplace Retirement Income Commission produced a report in which it was claimed that Britain's workforce is stuck in a "complex, costly and inefficient" pensions system.

However, Mr Wadee insisted that many professionals are "instead more interested in a broader, more flexible range of benefits", with a recent survey by hyphen showing that 63.7 per cent are attracted to the opportunity of benefiting from flexible working.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson