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Ex-civil servant wins unfair dismissal claim

Ex-civil servant wins unfair dismissal claim

Unfair dismissal compensation has been awarded to a former member of staff at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) following an employment tribunal.

According to online resource Journal Live, Jamie Dowling claimed he was unlawfully removed from his position as a civil servant in County Durham in December 2010 after he was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

HMRC decided to withdraw their opposition to the 38-year-old's claim on the first day of the hearing and the tribunal board decided he had been removed due to his supposedly attendance record because he had to take time off work due to his condition.

Figures showed that, in fact, he had a better-than average record of attending work, meaning his dismissal was unfair.

After the case, Mr Dowling commented: "What happened to me was not right and I'm pleased that this has been proved to be the case."

This comes after Cambridge News reported that Julia Boccan won a claim of unfair dismissal against John Gosden Racing.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas